What Makes Your Dog Get The Zoomies !!!

Posted April 7, 2020

Researchers have determined that the endearing behavior in dogs known as “the zoomies” is completely natural and stems from a feeling of well-being.

The technical term for the zoomies is frenetic random activity periods, also known as FRAPs, and it’s been exhibited in dogs regardless of their age, size or breed.

When you’re home with your dog and he gets a sudden bout of the zoomies, it may be acceptable in the backyard or inside where nothing can get broken, but you may wonder if your dog will hurt himself.  As long as you keep your eye on your dog and he’s in a safe place when he starts dashing back and forth and “going bonkers,” animal experts say such behavior is completely normal and does not pose a risk to your dog.

Humans also experience feelings of exuberance and normally know how to temper them, but dogs have no such restraints. But don’t worry, when dogs exhibit feelings of such irrepressible happiness, it’s actually a good thing

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